2022 is shaping up to be a promising year for Basetime

2021 was an eventful year, which was filled with its fair share of ups and downs. Luckily 2021 proved to be mostly positive for Basetime! After three years of development, Basetime BV was formally established and we launched our high precision monitoring device, the Locator One.

The proof is in the pudding

At the beginning of this year, we conducted a number of pilots with four renowned construction companies. Through the pilots we received valuable insights on connectivity, determining the distance between the Locator One and ground level, the processing of the data, and of course the requirements that are set for the device itself. We have incorporated all these lessons into the Locator One and the geodetic algorithms.

“The proof is in the pudding” is a beautiful English expression that fully applies to our product. Just after the summer, we installed the first of more than 180 Locator One devices for the Gorinchem – Waardenburg dike improvement project. These now provide reliable geotechnical information on a daily basis to a very satisfied client.

We continuously monitor the quality of the data and can provide the Waalensemble with insights derived from the data. We can actively inform them through automatic warnings in case of lowering staff extensions, the skewed position of lowering settlement rods as a result of collisions, and theft. Oftentimes, small inconsistencies for instance the misalignment of a device remains unknown to the client, which is where we immediately add value by reporting these types of errors as soon as they happen. This way they can take immediate action and the information flow remains intact.

Locator One can now also be rented and leased

The Locator Ones have now also been installed in four other projects. The rental option via Boels Survey & Laser is also used here. By offering the option to rent or short-lease the devices, we offer our customers every choice in use. We are therefore very proud to announce this collaboration with Boels.

Naturally, there have also been some hurdles, especially in the procurement of components. We too suffer from opaque delivery expectations and continuously fluctuating transport costs. By properly anticipating the purchase of critical parts, selecting reliable manufacturers, and carrying out the assembly in the Netherlands, we have now reasonably managed this risk, although the future will have to show this definitively.

Plenty of ambition

The coming year is full of ambition. First of all, we will work on confirming the new method for the automatic measurement of settlement, both in the construction world and that of the maritime operators. Road construction and dike improvements have our full attention. In addition to the Netherlands and Belgium, we will focus on Europe and the United States. We aim to find a partner or “champion” in every country, who will introduce and support the Locator One in that area. We will actively look for such partners, however, it is also a possibility that a large customer first comes with interest, before we have found a local champion. Not the order, but the result is decisive.

In addition, in 2022 we will explore together with customers where monitoring of small shifts is necessary and where the automatic and safe method of Locator One is the right solution. This device is ideal for settlement, but can also be placed on solid objects. Think of harbor quays, sheet piling, large buildings, and perhaps also smaller objects where it is important to know on a small scale whether there are movements.

Another point of attention is the control of production. The component crisis has had a major impact on the delayed delivery of parts, however, we will continue to monitor the situation, and do everything we can to minimize deals. During the production phase,  we will mainly focus on quality control.

Marketing and sales can also count on our full attention in 2022. When you introduce something new into a traditional world – in this case, both a new device and a new method – you have to be patient. We are therefore going to draw a lot of attention to the method, mainly by showing the Locator One in action.

Clear goals for the new year

Our goal for 2022 is a breakthrough in the world of settlement measurements. In addition, we want to discover at least one new area in which the functionality of the Locator One can be applied. Moreover, we want to be known as a reliable partner who values quality and results.

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