We revolutionize the collection of high-precision geodetic data worldwide

Who we are

Based in the Netherlands, Basetime is an innovative engineering and geodetic consultancy company that stands for Baseline+Time, the two ingredients to make accurate measurements.

The 50 employees behind Basetime cover a wide range of expertise from precision-based measurement engineering, to many years of experience in advising construction companies on how to perform geodetic measurements.

We design and manufacture our own products and services and offer a full-stack solution including device, database, dashboard, and ongoing support.

Our drive comes from our commitment to providing reliable high-precision positioning in demanding environments. Over the years, we have nurtured a customer-focused, service-oriented corporate culture. Our biggest asset is our team that possesses comprehensive technology, strong innovation capability, and cutting-edge ideas.


The demand for more detailed insights on the movements of terrains and objects is growing. We envision autonomous solutions that integrate IoT and geodetic technologies, to reduce the need for manpower and costly human errors while boosting team productivity and sustainability.

About Us

Richtlijn Geodesie and SODAQ have joined forces. Basetime brings “the best of both worlds” in the field of geodetic knowledge and IoT to change the monitoring of small object movements.

By linking knowledge of mathematical geodesy and the Global Navigation Satellite Systems to the expertise and vision on sensors and IoT, an almost unbeatable combination is created.

SODAQ is a Dutch Innovative IoT company that is rapidly expanding throughout the world due to its high-quality NB-IoT, LTE-M, and LoRa boards. SODAQ has always been at the forefront of the world of IoT and is specialized in scalable and efficient hardware and software to empower businesses in all types of industries and budget ranges.

Richtlijn Geodesie is a Dutch geodetic consultancy company. Our focus is on demonstrating the quality of the surveying data. After carrying out hundreds of projects for Rijkswaterstaat, Prorail, and almost all major contractors in the Netherlands for almost 15 years, they are the ultimate partner in all aspects of geodesy.

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